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Think You May Have a Cold? It Might Be Mold.

Check for signs of mold in your home

If you’re concerned their may be mold in your home, you shouldn’t hesitate to address it. Mold can cause health issues, damage the structure of your home and be a sign of more serious issues in your house. You can count on All Homes Inspection to check your home for mold. We can take air and/or surface samples and send them to a lab to be tested. We’ll then refer you to a specialist to remove the mold from your home.

Just dial 859-621-0504 now to learn more about our mold inspection services.

3 signs there may be mold in your home

Are you concerned about the possibility of mold growing in your home? If you notice any of the following red flags in your home, you should contact us for an inspection:

  1. A musty, pungent odor.
  2. Allergy-like symptoms.
  3. Leaks from your roof or plumbing.

Discuss your concerns with All Homes Inspection today, and we'll complete a mold inspection.

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