new construction home inspection, lexington ky

Inspect the Uninspected

We'll get a good look at your projects and repairs

Building structures and making repairs takes a lot of planning and precision. Naturally, you want to know that the work being completed is high quality and that the materials are durable. If you’re renovating, repairing or building a home, you can count on All Homes Inspection to complete the inspections you need to finish your next project.

You can reach us at 859-621-0504 to schedule an inspection for your current project.

We'll verify your next project

Our inspectors at All Home Inspections can make sure your completed project is good to go with the following services:

  • Insurance verification inspections – we’ll verify that repairs to your home have been completed so insurance funds can be released.
  • Draw inspections – we’ll verify invoices for the completion of construction projects
  • Drive-by inspections - we'll verify if the home is occupied or not
  • "Field inspections - including property inspections, equipment inspections, construction inspections, etc.
Consult with All Homes Inspection about completing inspections for your upcoming projects and repairs.